Financial reformer or substitute controller?
Tax planner or report developer?
Your Own CFO provides expertise tailored to your needs

Flexible top level financial expertise

Do you need sparring for a new business, to support an investment decision, for internationalization or exit planning? Your Own CFO can be the financial reformer your administration needs, or a substitute for a key person on sick leave. Through the Virtual CFO service, co-operation is possible despite covid-19 restrictions, anywhere in Finland.

Every company occasionally faces financial challenges. Sometimes all you need to cope is to find a good substitute. Other times the situation calls for new tools, perspectives and approaches. Your Own CFO has 20 years of experience of financial management in large and small companies, facing challenges of change.

Long track record in challenges of change

A helping hand in a new situation

When your company is in a growth or transition phase, or your financial management is under-resourced, Your Own CFO provides top level financial expertise tailored to your needs. You get an implementer for your business model and consulting, when you run out of ideas. The service is flexible and as comprehensive as you need it to be.