Tell me about the situation of your company, and I will tell you what kind of financial expertise you need.

Transition phase of key person changing
- Textile industry, consolidated turnover 300 m €

”We needed additional skilled resources for the transition. As our long-term CFO moved to another company, the recruitment process for the new CFO took several months. During that time, as we reorganized the tasks of the Corporate Governance team, Tanja played a significant role in e.g., our transfer pricing project. In addition, she compiled board reports and assisted in the consolidated financial statements. I can recommend her for similar positions.”

Karita Laakso, Group Finance Director, Group Finance, Lindström Oy

Stock exchange listing
- Manufacturer of electronic components, consolidated turnover 40 m €

“In 2014, we launched the listing process. During the project, Tanja assisted us with daily financial management routines, invoicing and purchase invoice processing. She also helped us with the listing prospectus. Tanja built the first version of basic documentation for our Corporate Governance system. Tanja is a flexible and multidisciplinary professional whom I can recommend for similar tasks.”

Petri Hiljanen, CFO, Detection Technology Oyj

CFO services for a fast-growing creative agency
- Marketing field, turnover 3 m€

“Tanja Alanen has taken our financial control into a higher level. She has developed our daily finance functions, operational systems and reporting to support management in a double-digit growing company. Her practical examples from other business fields have helped us realize the specialities in the marketing field. Our history together started when we needed a part-time CFO. Growing over 40 % annually, we soon needed a full-time CFO. Later, we have been using her multiple financial expert services during staff changes in the finance team.”

Peter Barmer, Managing Director, 358

Financial governance reform - Finnish metal company, turnover 10 m €

“During the MBO process in Alupro, a venture capitalist joined us, and we had to reform our financial management. Tanja Alanen played a significant role in establishing the financial function for our international group. She has created our financial management guidelines, developed internal reporting and prepared our company’s first consolidated financial statements. After a few years of collaboration, the company grew and we needed a full-time financial manager. Tanja has later helped us as a temporary additional resource during personnel changes in our financial management.”

Risto Nikkilä, President and CEO, Alupro Oy

Financial governance reform
- Finnish industrial company, turnover 10 m €

“I got to know Tanja when we worked for a mutual client for several years. Our division of labor was clear and we trusted each other in both expertise and schedules. Tanja has solid and versatile professional skills and is not afraid to take on challenges.”

Merja Pirkkalainen, accountant at Tilitoimisto Yli-Rahko Oy until 2009

Sparring partner for new controller
- Finnish kindergarten company, consolidated turnover 13 m €

“When I started as controller of Suomen Tenava Päiväkodit, I felt I got an individual introduction to my tasks and area of responsibility. At that time, the company had a purchase agreement for financial management services, and Tanja had served as the company’s outsourced controller for a couple of years. She advised and guided me from the very beginning on special issues related to e.g., management reporting, preparation of consolidated financial statements and payroll. It was easy to call Tanja whenever I needed a sparring partner.”

Susanne Berner, Controller, Suomen Tenava Päiväkodit Oy

Case examples

CFO service
- Finnish investment company, total amount of funds 35 m €

I took charge of the company’s internal reporting, regulatory reporting and back office functions, which include data collection on portfolio companies related to fund and investor reporting. I also handled the company’s privacy and ESG policies (Environmental, Social and Governance Factors).

CFO service
- Finnish car repair chain, consolidated turnover 30 m €

With the change of ownership and to accelerate growth, the company needed an experienced CFO to partner with the CEO. When the assignment started, the group’s net sales were € 12 million, which more than doubled in a few years. As the number of outlets and employees also increased, the CFO service, which had started part-time, became a post for a full-time professional. During my four-year CFO assignment, I handled group accounting, first by merging separate Finnish companies and later reporting to the Swedish parent company. In addition to managing the company’s finance department, I handled the group’s profit forecasts, payment transactions, contract management and part of the HR functions. In the implementation of the new ERP system, I acted as a project manager. When the legislation changed with regard to data protection, I was responsible for compliance with the GDPR in financial management.

Additional resource in the ERP system implementation project
- Wholesaler of detergents and chemicals, turnover 15 m €

The nine-month assignment was ordered by the Finnish subsidiary of an international sales company, which was implementing the SAP ERP system. The company controller was responsible for the implementation of the new system, staff training and customization related to the local requirements of the system. No controller can do that development work alongside his/her own work. This required additional resources to handle the company’s monthly reporting with the old system during the transition period. I prepared the financial statements with the old system and literally “shut down the system”. The assignment ended with the customer starting from a clean slate, reporting smoothly with the new system.

Project profit reporting and invoicing in a production company
- Film and video commercial production company, turnover 5 m €

The accounts of this domestic production company are kept by an accounting firm. As an outsourced CFO, I prepared monthly project revenue recognition and management reporting, as well as handled the company’s banking, bill payments and “receipt hunting” related to credit card bills. I also defined the company’s travel invoice rules, prepared for production trips abroad and instructed the producers about cash withdrawals and restaurant meals. The assignment ended three years later in connection with an acquisition.